3 Key Principles of Getting It Right in LinkedIn

Getting it right in LinkedIn

“I’m not sure how to get it right in LinkedIn – what should I do? “

This is probably the most common question I come across when talking to people. I could go into a lot of detail about how to use LinkedIn however, for me there are 3 key principles of getting it right in LinkedIn:

Integrate your Personal Values

In your profile, in your content, in your communication, in your comments. This allows others to get to the heart of your business, how you care for your customers, why they should trust you. Allow them to see the person behind the profile.

Interact with Connections

Be proactive and engage with people. Comment on their posts, communicate with them, get to know them better. Invest time to build quality relationships.

Inform & Educate

Share your nuggets of knowledge and best practice about your area of expertise. Give generously and raise your profile as an expert.

There is far more to understanding LinkedIn but if you get the above 3 key principles right, you will be well on the way to getting it right in LinkedIn.

Integrating your personal values is the key that unlocks the others.

Recommended Actions

  • Take a notepad and list down the top 5 values that are important to you personally.
  • Read through your profile About section objectively – do your personal values shine through?
  • What about the content that you post in LinkedIn – how well do your values integrate?
  • Now consider the engagement on content that others post – are the values you believe in are truly reflected
  • If you need another pair of eyes, ask a trusted friend/colleague to review for you – and offer to do the same for them.

Profile Review Service

Or ask me for a professional Profile Review.

You’ll get honest feedback on your Profile, your Content and your Strategy with helpful suggestions for how to improve, but no sugar-coating… if it’s not working, I’ll tell you with kindness and tact.

Linda’s LinkedIn Alphabet Soup

When my children were little, they used to love helping in the kitchen and one of the most popular activities was making Alphabet Soup. It was a great way to use up leftovers from the weekend, packed full of vegetables and to keep them interested, I used to add a packet of dried pasta shapes with letters of the alphabet.

We never knew which letter would be in the next spoonful and we had some fun making up words or telling stories using those letters!

LinkedIn Linda Alphabet Soup image

Like my real life soup, I am starting a series of posts in LinkedIn which will provide tips, information, guidance on all things LinkedIn related with each post looking at a letter of the alphabet.

Now it would be easy to start with A and work my way through the alphabet wouldn’t it? To capture the same element of fun, I’m going to mix it up a bit.

After all, who knows what will be in the next spoonful?

Look out for my post on Monday 31st August 2020, when you will have the opportunity to influence which letter of the alphabet to start with.

LinkedIn Linda’s Alphabet Soup posts will be appearing every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday starting 1st September 2020.

Keep the Focus on Your Profile

You have invested time on honing your LinkedIn Profile, getting it set up the right way and are being found in searches.

Imagine how frustrating it is when there are distractions that take your viewers away from your Profile and to other profiles instead! Possibly even your competitors.

LinkedIn have a feature that is turned on by default. It is called People Also Viewed (PAV). It sits in the right hand side of your Profile and lists profiles that other people have viewed. It is meant to be helpful however, as a business owner, you want the focus of your viewers to be on you, not to be distracted by moving away from your profile and especially to those who are your competitors.

What most LinkedIn Users don’t know is that this feature can be turned off so that it does not appear on your Profile.

How to turn off People Also Viewed

  1. Go to the Me button on the black menu bar at the top of your LinkedIn Profile
  2. Select the Accounts and Privacy Option
  3. Select the Privacy tab
  4. Select the Viewers of the profile also viewed option
  5. Select the Change button
  6. Click to move the slider from Yes to No

How to switch off PAV

Free LinkedIn Webinars: 5 in 5 at 5

5 LinkedIn Tips in 5 Days at 5pm Webinars

What Is The 5 in 5 at 5?

This is a series of 5 FREE 30 minute webinars in using LinkedIn especially for business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs. It is called the 5 in 5 at 5 because you will receive…

5 LinkedIn Tips in 5 Consecutive Working Days at 5pm

Each of the webinars are intended to be educational and are suitable for people who are new to LinkedIn, as well as those who have used LinkedIn previously. We will be using the free version of LinkedIn therefore all skills you learn can be implemented without investing in any Premium package.

The 5 in 5 at 5 webinars are part of my commitment to help people in business use LinkedIn more effectively during the COVID-19 lockdown.

When and How?

The webinars are available for 5 consecutive working days from Monday 6th April 2020 at 5pm and will be delivered by Zoom.

What Will The Tips Focus On?

Each webinar will focus on different aspects of LinkedIn and will give you 5 practical LinkedIn tips with actions to implement.

Day 1 6th April: Core of LinkedIn – Your Personal Professional Profile
Day 2 7th April: Connecting and Following
Day 3 8th April: Communication and Conversation
Day 4 9th April: Contribution and Engagement
Day 5 14th April: Content – Posts and Articles
(Due to Easter, Day 5 will be taking place on Tuesday 14th April)

How to Register and Access the 5 in 5 at 5

Click here to register for the 5 in 5 at 5

On registration, you will receive a link by email to access all 5 webinars. You only need to register once and can attend as many as you like.

Use the same Zoom link each day to access each webinar. You will need to register prior to attending to access the webinars to enable me to email you the link to the recordings.

Each webinar will be recorded and you will receive a link to access the recording by email shortly after the session has finished. Please be aware that the link to access these lessons will be available for 72 hours.

I look forward to welcoming you to the 5 in 5 at 5, and sharing some practical tips you can implement immediately.

Top Tips for Business Networking in LinkedIn

Many business owners know the benefits of business networking, how the process of developing positive business relationships leads to introducers, advocates and referrals.

LinkedIn as a business networking, relationship building tool is so powerful. There are many ways you can use LinkedIn to supplement and reinforce your own business networking activity to increase and enhance your visibility to a wider audience.

Showcase You

Having a completed and up to date LinkedIn profile is at the core of your LinkedIn activity. Help people to see at a glance what you do, and want to find out more about you and your business.  First Impressions really do count.

At the very minimum you need:

  • Recent, head and shoulders photo
  • Impactful Headline – tell people what you do and how you can help them
  • Up to date Contact details
  • A strong ‘About’ section to generate interest
  • Incorporate key phrases and words that people looking for your business type will use to find you
  • A clear call to action – what do you want people to do as a result of viewing your profile?
  • An attractive background image that showcases you and your business

Make Relevant Connections

  • Connect with your fellow networking colleagues. First connections are able to direct message each other, provide Recommendations, make Introductions, therefore it is essential to connect with those who you know, like and trust.
  • Personalise your invitation. Make it relevant to the person – if you know them, remind them how you know them. If you don’t, tell them why you would like to connect with them.
  • Avoid generic templates, a genuine connection invitation will help to start your online business relationship with the same warmth you use when meeting people in person.

Keep In Touch

Use the Messaging facility to send messages to your connections who you haven’t seen or communicated with in a while.

  • Keep them up to date with things that are happening that they might be interested in
  • Share an article or a post that may be of interest to them personally
  • Ask how you can help them and keep this non sales related (ie; who would they like an introduction to)
  • Send a Voice Message or Video Message for that personal touch
  • Invite them to a one to one business conversation and get to know them better. Use the plethora of technology available to so:
    Zoom, Hangouts, Skype – and of course, face to face once we are able to socialise in person again. Or just pick up the phone and have a conversation.

Make Introductions

  • Be proactive and research your connections – who might be a good connection for someone else?
  • After a one to one or a group meeting, record the types of professions that your networking colleagues would like to meet. Follow up by being proactive – check your own LinkedIn connections to see who might be suitable to introduce to your colleagues.
  • Use the Share Profile feature – this will open up in a new Message, ready to send to your connection. Remember to personalise the message and explain why you are making the introduction.
  • Or, you could use the Group Messaging facility to introduce two people to each other. Once the introduction has been made, you can follow up with each person after a few days to find out if the introduction was valuable to them.

Verify Skills and Expertise

  • Be proactive – implement a system of viewing your fellow networkers profiles and checking which skills they have listed on their profile.
  • Have you had first hand experience of a specific skill? If so, and your experience has been positive, then Endorse that person for that skill. Remember only the top 3 skills are visible, you need to expand the section to view other skills.

Recognition and Appreciation

  • Who have you had a one to one meeting with this week?
  • Who have you heard speak this week?
  • Who has given you a genuine referral?
  • Who has impressed you with their knowledge, their expertise, their attitude?
  • Who has recommended you and your business?

We all like to be recognised for something that we have done well and/or appreciated for our contribution. Why not use LinkedIn to showcase other people? Here are some ways you can use LinkedIn Posts to do this:

  • Share your ‘golden nuggets‘ of learning following a networking meeting, a training course, a seminar, a talk – what have you learned, how will you implement the learning and importantly, what others will gain from participating in future events.
  • Talk about what you have appreciated about someone – it could be purely that someone has gone out of their way to help you – so let them and your LinkedIn community know that you appreciate them, and why.
  • Write an information post about a company, their services/products and why this has impressed you.
  • Thank people for referring you to others and or testimonials you have received from them.
  • Share their events, their achievements, their business stories

The Gold Dust

  • Be Proactive! View your fellow networker’s Activity section on their Profile. What updates have they recently posted?
  • Like and Comment on their posts. This is like gold dust!
  • Your actions will help to boost the reach of the post, encourage more engagement from others and add real value to their presence.
  • You will also raise your own visibility, and enhance your own reputation as a good networker.


There is no higher accolade than providing a genuine, written testimonial for people who have provided a great service, gone the extra mile, have delivered a product/service that has exceeded expectations.

  • In LinkedIn, the Recommendations feature is where you can give truly genuine testimonials and provide great value to your connections.
  • Many business networking groups will have part of their meeting devoted to giving referrals, leads and providing verbal testimonials. If you have provided a verbal testimonial during these meetings, follow up with a written Recommendation in LinkedIn.
  • Don’t wait to be asked! Make it a habit to write a Recommendation for that person as soon as you finish your meeting. Don’t leave it for another day or time, now is the perfect opportunity to do so.

A couple of things to be aware of…

  • Only provide a Recommendation when you have personally experienced what you are recommending.
  • Never ask for or expect a Recommendation in return – genuine recommendations are those that are given without expectation.

Be Kind Without Expectation – Never Ask for Something in Return

First Steps in LinkedIn for Business

Kitchen Table LinkedIn Training

Friday 25th October 2019, Basingstoke, 10am to 1pm

Who for?

First Steps in LinkedIn for Business has been designed for business owners who are a bit flummoxed by LinkedIn and need a guiding hand to help them get to grips with it. It is also suitable for those who have some understanding of how to use LinkedIn but need some extra help.

What will you learn?

In this workshop you will learn how to:

– Develop and optimise your LinkedIn personal professional profile
– Create a Page for your business (if relevant)
– Engage in LinkedIn activity for enhanced visibility
– Search for and connect with the right people with the right etiquette
– Craft Posts to engage your network in conversation
– Develop positive business relationships in LinkedIn
– Build a communication strategy using LinkedIn Messaging


£115 per person (reduced from the usual £165 per person) plus £5.42 booking fee with Eventbrite

Book Your Place via Eventbrite

Book Your Place directly with Linda (payment by bank transfer, no booking fee)