People Development Solutions

people developmentI am a facilitator of people development solutions aimed at improving performance of managers and teams in organisations such as Universities, Local Government and larger Charities.

My three key objectives are to enable you to:

  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Communication
  • Strive for Greater Success

The results of my training solutions are proven, not only in terms of achievement, but also in creating a positive working environment where people are working to their full potential.

I offer solutions to questions, such as:

  • Is everyone working effectively within the team?
  • Are departmental teams communicating well with one another? Do they understand their inter-dependence?
  • Are your team members ready for the next level?
  • Are conflicting priorities holding you back?

I help you and your team to be ready for the next level. As you move to greater challenges, I help you to reduce conflict, encourage collaboration and help people to embrace positive change.

As your personal career develops, you may well require additional skills and training. For this I offer 1-2-1 coaching, to ensure you approach new responsibilities with the right skillset and the confidence to make a success of your role.

My development initiatives have supported people through different stages of their career, from entrance level to directorships.  At every stage, emotional intelligence is an area of development that is often forgotten about. It is vital to develop this enable people to communicate more effectively, avoid conflict and reduce stress.

With over 25 years experience, I support individuals and teams to perform better, with the confidence to aim high and achieve their goals. People First is my mantra for success.


My development programmes are developed with specific objectives in mind, according to the needs of the business or individual. I take time to understand the areas of training that will bring the best results, and create a bespoke plan accordingly. I facilitate development initiatives at an appropriate pace, balancing maximum development and confidence building through hands-on practice.


My 1-2-1 coaching is the perfect way to hone individual skills and overcome confidence barriers as your career progresses. Whether interviewing for the first time, hoping to progress to the next level, or embarking on a leadership role, the right training can make a big difference to the outcome. Building confidence in key areas such as presenting, negotiation and effective communication will give you the competitive edge and help you to achieve your goals.


Team trainingA team is any group of people who are required to cooperate and work together to achieve a common goal. This could be the diverse roles that make up an SME, or a departmental team that share the responsibility for a particular area of the business, such as sales, marketing or customer service. Whichever the case, it is likely that the team comprises individuals with a variety of skills and attributes, and have a different approach to the task at hand.

My training enables team-members to embrace a diversity of styles and personalities, encouraging an understanding of one another that turns conflict into collaboration. Good communication is key to every aspect of teamwork: it saves time, eradicates misunderstanding and allows people to work at their strengths. Investing in team training shows individuals that they are highly valued and can bring about a sharp increase in motivation, productivity and staff retention.


I work with organisations to ensure that training is consistent throughout departments, and mindful of the bigger picture. My 360-degree approach allows me to deliver training at all levels, taking into account the expectations of leaders and their teams throughout an organisation. I help you to build a stronger workforce, by identifying any areas of development in skillsets and encouraging collaboration across departments.

Training for organisations is for individuals as well as teams, wherever this investment would bring the greatest benefit. I enable organisations to be ready for the future; by training today in the skills needed for tomorrow. As your organisation evolves I ensure that everyone on-board feels empowered, involved and incentivised.

I am a qualified Myers Briggs (MBTI) Practitioner and utilise this insightful tool to help develop self awareness and appreciation of others personality preferences in the workplace as an integral part of development and coaching programmes where relevant.

People Development

Training Support ServicesI offer specific training in key areas of people development, to strengthen skills and build confidence. Together, we to identify the need for further training as part of a wider agenda, and I will deliver this swiftly when and where it is needed. These include:

Presenting with Confidence – individual or small group training on voice projection, overcoming nerves and keeping the audience engaged during a presentation.

Mediation / Conflict resolution – an understanding of both sides of a situation is the key to compromise. We work closely with those involved to remove conflict and facilitate swift resolution.

Networking for Success – identifying and practising the skills that make a successful networker, giving staff the confidence to be an ambassador for the business.

My Associates

I work with a number of learning professionals to facilitate meaningful development programmes with tangible outcomes. Together, we can work together with our different skillsets to co-facilitate larger groups.