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LinkedIn Services – Overview

Key to LinkedIn for Business – Training and Consultancy  – bespoke and highly effective LinkedIn training and coaching that will help you, your team and your business

inCollective Club – Monthly Membership – in-depth monthly LinkedIn Masterclasses, weekly LinkedIn Clinics, Guest Expert Masterclasses, support and business networking. Not currently open for new members.

Specialist LinkedIn Speaker – a respected speaker and presenter on all things LinkedIn

Linda Huckle LinkedIn Training

Key to LinkedIn for Business – Training and Consultancy

I provide bespoke and highly effective LinkedIn training and coaching that will help you, your team and your business to:

  • Elevate Your Brand Optimise your Personal and Company Profiles to increase your professional presence and credibility
  • Build Professional Relationships Find, connect and engage with the right People, Companies and Groups
  • Develop Social Savviness to Attract Clients Use social sharing and social selling techniques as an integral part of your business and marketing strategy.
  • Showcase Your Expertise Genuinely add value to your ideal clients and professional community with LinkedIn Publisher
  • Create a LinkedIn Strategy and Content Plan Guiding you through creating content that showcases your unique voice to grow your business
  • Generate Leads for your Business Apply methods of lead generation using the basic LinkedIn and exploring LinkedIn premium service, Sales Navigator
Linda Huckle LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn Training for Businesses

1-2-1 or group work focussing on how to use LinkedIn with a consistent approach to build credibility, engage with customers and attract genuine business leads; your workforce can become a formidable marketing team.

  • Where you have a marketing team in-house, I work in partnership with them to ensure that social media guidelines adhere to the company policy and that your staff contribute positively to enhance the company LinkedIn presence.
  • Where there is no marketing expertise in-house, I bring in the experience of my trusted specialist marketing associates, who work alongside me to ensure clarity, consistency and alignment of your LinkedIn communication to your marketing strategy.

Training is tailored to the needs of the group and can cover different aspects of LinkedIn from the absolute basics to using Sales Navigator to generate leads.

I have been able to create a LinkedIn strategy for our company Page for the whole team to follow with the view to increase engagement. This has led to an increase of 314% in engagement in one month, which we are confident will rise in the following months as we introduce more of Linda’s recommendations into our plan.

Coran Stubbington, Insolvency & Debt Advice

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121 LinkedIn Training for Business Owners

You will benefit from dedicated time to work with me on your personal and company profiles, connect with the right people for your business, engage in the right groups and really use LinkedIn as an integrated networking, marketing and communication tool.

We work on what you need at a time and a pace that fits with your business and commitments. One to One sessions can be arranged as a one-off learning for a specific area in LinkedIn, or can be as part of a modular programme. All sessions are tailored to the person and their business. I recommend that due to the intensive nature of one to one training, a 3 hour session is optimum with a short break from the screen at half way point.

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LinkedIn Training for Small Groups

Are there three or more businesses who would like to get together for training? Half day or whole day workshops can be organised specifically for you, tailored to your needs and experience.

You will benefit from drawing on each other’s ideas and experiences, and practice new skills with business people you know and trust.

LinkedIn Training sessions will be tailored to meet the needs of the people in the room and for larger groups, one of my trusted associates will assist to ensure each of you have dedicated time with one of us. We use Zoom Breakout Rooms to facilitate this when working virtually.

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Key to LinkedIn – Consultancy

I enable businesses to take a strategic view of their business and apply it to a strategic content plan that works for you. Every business is different – you each have your own unique story to tell and I will help you and your business develop a Social Selling Strategy and Content Plan to elevate you above the noise in LinkedIn, with your unique voice.

What you can expect

  • Explore and develop a Follower strategy for your Company Page
  • Use techniques to reflect your brand consistently
  • Engage with your ideal clients
  • Research and source content of value
  • Position your brand, your business and the people within it
  • Actively involve your staff in engaging in LinkedIn
  • Proactively test and measure activity and results
  • Generate leads for your business using LinkedIn Premium service, Sales Navigator
  • Implementation and Follow Up plan to reinforce training
  • Guidance on social media policy for companies

I use the same approach to my consultancy services as I do with my training and coaching services. Everything that I do is:

  • People Focussed
  • Relevant and Authentic
  • Unique to you and your business

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Specialist LinkedIn Speaker

Linda Huckle Training

Linda has developed and nurtured her reputation as a respected LinkedIn and Networking for Business authority and is available as a Guest Speaker for your events.

As a speaker, Linda shares her insights into LinkedIn for Business, outlines new and interesting ways to work with content, and is especially interested in speaking about LinkedIn Etiquette. One of her clients coined the phrase “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” and she has many people in her audiences jotting down lightbulb moments during her talks.

Combined with her experiences as a business networker and skilled presenter, Linda is regularly booked to speak at business groups, professional organisations and community groups including The Federation of Small Businesses,  The Athena Network,  Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, local and national Expos, Charity organisations. 

Linda aims to give as much value as possible in her talks to enable everyone to leave having learnt something new to implement.

Contact Linda if you would you like to book her as a LinkedIn Speaker