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LinkedIn with Purpose 8 July 2021

LinkedIn with Purpose

8th July 2021 9:30am to 1pm

For independent HR/L&D Consultants

As independent consultants we lean heavily on our network to secure work and to grow our business. So many of us make use of LinkedIn as it is the leading online professional networking site. Whilst we may know enough to get by, are we really getting the most out of LinkedIn? Are we simply present on the platform or are we using it to drive referrals and grow our business? This workshop with LinkedIn expert Linda Huckle will give us the knowledge and insights to take our LinkedIn networking to the next level.

The half day workshop is designed to give independent HR/L&D Consultants a solid foundation in LinkedIn to enable them to increase their visibility, add value to their audience and generate leads/referrals the ethical way – with confidence and the right etiquette.

This workshop is organised by the CIPD Thames Valley Branch. Tickets £25 for CIPD members, £40 for non-members. 

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Free Webinars: 5 LinkedIn Tips in 5 Days at 5pm

5 in 5 at 5 webinars starting April 6thStarting Monday 6th April…

5 FREE 30 minute webinars in using LinkedIn especially for business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs. It is called the 5 in 5 at 5 because you will receive…

5 LinkedIn Tips in 5 Consecutive Days at 5pm

Each of the webinars are intended to be educational and are suitable for people who are new to LinkedIn, as well as those who have used LinkedIn previously. We will be using the free version of LinkedIn therefore all skills you learn can be implemented without investing in any Premium package.

The 5 in 5 at 5 webinars are part of my commitment to help people in business use LinkedIn more effectively during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Find out more about how you can access the 5 in 5 at 5



Friday 6th December 2019, 11am to 2pm

Up Your Game in LinkedIn – Workshop


So many of us start off with the the best of  intentions …  create the profile page….. get it all set up, start to post…..and then …….nothing happens! We get stuck in to every day work, life and LinkedIn becomes a fading memory! Would you like to ‘Up Your Game’ in LinkedIn® so that it becomes an integral part of your client and prospect relationship strategy? This 3 hour workshop is intended for business owners who would like to spend some time to focus on Relationship Building, Communication, Social Selling, Content Planning techniques in LinkedIn® at every stage of the Customer Journey. You will also learn about recent changes and new features introduced to LinkedIn®  so that you can make the best use of these in your own business. 

Tuesday 26th February 2019 – 10am

LinkedIn Linda speaking at Hampshire Expo 26th February 2019

Unleash Your LinkedIn Savviness – Seminar

Want to be LinkedIn savvy? Come and visit the Hampshire Expo and spend 45 minutes learning with LinkedIn Linda!   I will be sharing lots of tips and information about LinkedIn for Business. I’ll be covering:

What’s New?

What’s Changed?

What’s Savvy?

Hampshire Business Expo 26th February 2019 Register to attend the Hampshire Expoit’s free!

Thursday 21st February 7:30am

How to Use LinkedIn to Your Advantage – Presentation

20 minutes of pure LinkedIn Gold as Linda shares the most recent updates in LinkedIn and how businesses can use LinkedIn to their advantage.


Event: FSBConnect Woking

Where: Hoebridge Golf Club, Woking

When: 7am for breakfast networking

How to book: Booking link available soon.