New LinkedIn Profile Design coming to your profile soon

LinkedIn continue to update its user interface – or in plain language – the layout of your profile.  After a major redesign in the late summer of 2017, another is on it’s way and being rolled out gradually to users.  It is still in the very early stages of roll-out and as soon as it reaches my profile, I will be updating this article with further information and guidance.

The new design is only for desktop (your PC or Mac), and the mobile/tablet design will remain unchanged for now. This in itself creates a few challenges, mainly for the cover image on your personal profile as it will need to accommodate your profile photo both centrally for the mobile app and left aligned for the new design for your desktop.

Key Changes

I don’t yet have the new design on my own profile however, from the screenshots I’ve seen shared on LinkedIn,  these are the key changes:

  • The Profile Photo which is currently centrally placed will be left aligned and slightly larger in size
  • The Headline and Location will also be left aligned and will sit directly beneath the Profile Photo
  • Contact Details section will move from the right of the profile and become an integral part of the top section. These details will sit directly beneath the Cover Image on the right.  This is a positive move as it means the reader will be able to see how to contact you without moving to a different section of your profile
  • There will be more text of the Summary section visible, currently you only see two lines before you have to click the Show more to expand the section
  • Media items (photos, video, links) currently located at the bottom of the Summary section will also be visible before expanding the Summary as you currently have to do


From what I’ve seen, the new user interface looks much cleaner and provides more information in the top section than we currently have. I am pleased to see that Contact details have been brought into the top section too and that there is more of the Summary available to read.  The new design will however affect the Cover Image

Cover Image

Like many people, I have a Cover Image that is designed to fit well with the location of my Profile Photo. As the Profile Photo will soon be left aligned and not placed centrally as it is currently, I will need to redesign my Cover Image as it won’t work with the new user interface.

Remember though that the Mobile/Tablet versions of LinkedIn are not changing (yet). So I must make sure that my Cover Image is compatible with both designs.

If you are working with a Graphic Designer to design your own Cover Image, please make sure they are aware of the imminent changes and design your Cover Image to suit both desktop and mobile versions of LinkedIn.

Keep up to date with changes in LinkedIn

It seems to be almost every week that new features and changes are implemented in LinkedIn.  To keep up to date with the new features, and see relevant articles, tips and short videos, please Follow Linda Huckle Training on LinkedIn







Selling Second Hand Cars on LinkedIn?

This morning, I saw in LinkedIn a post advertising a second hand car for sale. It wasn’t a post from a dealer, just from an individual who clearly wanted to sell his car.

LinkedIn is a professional network, it is not a buying and selling advertising space.  There are other forums for that.

My call to action is….

Please don’t use LinkedIn Posts to advertise your second hand car, or any other items you want to sell.

Car Dealers

If you are a car dealer, then there are ways you can use LinkedIn – not to sell cars, but to build relationships with your ideal clients, to develop trust by sharing content of value with your audience.

  • Be the person who gives, not takes.
  • Be an authority – share valuable advice and information
  • Be mindful of etiquette – take the conversation off-line if the other person is truly interested.

Not sure how to use LinkedIn and add value? Ask me how – I’m happy to help.

Beat the Algorithm

There have been a number of changes in LinkedIn during 2017, however, one hasn’t been as visible as the rest.  This is the algorithm – the bit of code – that helps your posts and activity to be posted to your connections Home feed.

What does this mean to you?

Previously, LinkedIn trainers (me included!) emphasised the importance of sharing external links to content on your website, therefore driving traffic across to your website.  LinkedIn want to keep as much activity within LinkedIn as possible and so quietly changed the algorithm so that updates linking to content within LinkedIn have greater priority to links to external URL’s (websites, Facebook pages etc).

This meant that updates containing external links were not as visible on your connections Home feed as they were previously.  It didn’t take long for LinkedIn regular users and trainers to realise what had happened and so here are a couple of ways in which you can beat the algorithm:

Beat the algorithm

  1. When posting an update, don’t add the link to your external URL in the update itself. Just write the text and post. Then add the link to the URL in the comments.  For some reason, this seems to miss the algorithm sequence.
  2. Beat the LinkedIn algorithmAnother technique is to add the link as you would do usually and then, when the preview of the website you are linking to appears in your update, click the little X in the top right of the preview to delete it, retaining the actual URL link in the text. Once again, this appears to bypass the algorithm.


It is surely only a matter of time before the algorithm changes again so watch this space for updates.

People Buy People

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with 550 million users globally (statistics quoted by LinkedIn). For small businesses, it is a valuable resource for networking, connecting, sharing information, being more visible and engaging with your clients and prospects.

Behind every LinkedIn profile, there is a person – and people buy people. It is this personal approach to business that I bring to my LinkedIn training and coaching services. Keeping it personal, and relevant to your unique needs, means that the training you receive is unique to you and your business.

  • Does your LinkedIn Profile relay the best possible image of you and your business?
  • Would you like to utilise LinkedIn as a business tool?
  • Would you like to create engaging updates and articles?
  • Do you know how to build positive relationships through your LinkedIn activity?
  • Would you like to attract new business?
  • Would you like to create a content strategy that works for you?
  • What about images? Do you know where to find them and how to use them in LinkedIn?
  • Would you like to portray consistency of message, brand and ethos across your company in LinkedIn?
  • Would you like to rise above the LinkedIn ‘noise’ and connect with, engage with and build positive relationships with the right people?

Your Key to LinkedIn

Linda Huckle Owner of Linda Huckle Training #LinkedInLindaLinkedIn is a growing market place that opens up huge and varied opportunities for all types of business professional.

From one to one million employees. It is exciting, fast-paced and often rather daunting!

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 706 million users and growing daily.

For small businesses, LinkedIn is a valuable resource for networking, connecting, sharing information, being more visible and engaging with your audience.

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Your LinkedIn Journey

Customer journeys are punctuated by ‘moments of truth’; interactions that may be tiny, but have a huge impact on how your products and services are perceived. I will help you improve the journeys of your customers.