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I’m a natural networker, a skill I use to bring out the best in all my relationships. At work I’m known as ‘LinkedIn Linda’, helping clients to build rewarding relationships in business. Whether at work or at home I’m known for quickly building rapport with people and putting them at ease.

Sadly, IT can result in impersonal, stilted conversations. Starting life in a large telco, I sold telephone systems to smaller businesses. Instead of a cold, hard, product-focused sell, my warm, collaborative approach guided clients towards the most appropriate solution.

In my heart of hearts I’ve always wanted to coach people to overcome what’s holding them back from reaching their full potential. The confident use of technology plays a significant part in perpetuating that fear. So, building on my technical knowledge, I became an IT trainer, gaining a JEB Teacher Trainer Diploma in Information Technology Skills. I taught University lecturers, job seekers and retired people to become confident IT users.

Following a company restructure, I jumped at the chance to retrain as a People Development Consultant, gaining a CIPD Postgraduate Certificate in Learning & Development. Developing staff to find new roles, I showed them how to use LinkedIn (as an early adopter) to narrow their search. Finally when my own department restructured, I took the future into my own hands, buying a franchise of The Athena Network and starting my freelance training consultancy.

Still following my heart, I’ve refocused my whole business model around helping people and businesses, daunted by LinkedIn, to become proficient users. I love leading them to lightbulb discoveries about how they can use LinkedIn to transform their businesses. They tell me they are using LinkedIn in a polished, professional and principled way to convert the right conversations into real business opportunities.

I’ve spent many years honing my skills as an IT Trainer, personal development coach and professional networker. I now have a unique blend of experience as a LinkedIn Consultant. I’m delighted to be using every part of my story to help clients, through LinkedIn, to write an exciting new business chapter of their own.

My Commitment to Learning and Professionalism

Learning really is lifelong and constant change in technology, there is always something new to learn!

I’m dedicated to developing myself as a learning professional and in my specialism as a LinkedIn Trainer. I engage in a number of professional development activities which enable me to keep up to date with current business initiatives in my area and my professional expertise.

As a businesswoman, I am always interested in local business and I am proud to be the Regional Director for The Athena Network, where I can support and be supported by my members who have vast breadth of knowledge, skills and experience. Every month, we learn something new that we can implement in our businesses.

In a similar way, I learn so much from the vast knowledge base that is LinkedIn.  To help me keep on top of the new initiatives and give me a head start in supporting my clients, I engage in LinkedIn specialist groups, read LinkedIn updates daily and am part of a LinkedIn Trainers Forum.

Awards and Professional Organisations

As a professional trainer, the Code of Conduct and Ethics in my professional organisation, The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD), underpins all my activities.  This is so important to me.

The Athena Network Linda HuckleI am dedicated to the growth and development of small business owners and have created a vibrant, proactive community of female entrepreneurs, business owners and executives as Regional Director for The Athena Network, Blackwater Valley Region.

Linda Huckle FSB memberI’m also an active member of the  Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), where I regularly attend and present at meetings, engage in continuing professional development sessions and am a member of the local FSB Organiser Team.

LinkedIn Training Provider of the Year Linda HuckleI’m extremely proud to have been awarded the accolade of LinkedIn Training Provider of the Year 2018 and Award for Excellence in Online Job Search Training & Advice 2018 from the UK Enterprise Awards in April 2018.

Best Business Women Awards Best Networker 2018 Finalist Linda Huckle The most recent achievement is that I have been selected as a Finalist for the Best Business Women Awards, Best Networker category – which is incredibly exciting! The Award Ceremony is on 11th October 2018 when the winners will be announced. Watch this space!

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